Minimizing The Consequences Of Criminal Charges

At Recker & Recker, PC, we possess the skills to take on the tough cases. We do not avoid the challenges that come with criminal charges seemingly “impossible” to defend. The challenge of defending your rights is honorable and something we believe in pursuing.

Our attorneys will employ all of the firm’s resources to minimize the consequences and secure the best outcome for you. The legal team at our firm is locally based and composed of lifelong area residents who know the court system. Call our Weatherford office at 580-302-5028 to set up a consultation.

Proactive And Aggressive Protection Of Your Rights

In legal matters involving drug crimes, we focus on your fourth amendment rights. Did law enforcement take the proper steps prior to an initial traffic stop or visit to your home? Was a search and seizure lawful, or did the actions of the police violate your rights?

Drunk driving arrests require attention to every step an officer took prior to the arrest. From the traffic stop to the breath and blood testing, we get to the facts and identify any rights violations. In these cases, we not only represent our fellow Oklahoma residents, but also drivers from out-of-state facing misdemeanor or felony DUI charges. Our legal advocacy also includes the process involving automatic license suspension.

Hope Is Not Lost If You Are Facing Serious Criminal Charges

Perhaps the most common question we hear from our clients is, “Will I have to go to jail?” While we are candid and honest with our clients, the answer is based on various factors. Certain levels of offenses carry the possibility of jail time. The severity of the specific charge and past criminal history will determine sentencing.

Regardless of the criminal charge you are facing, do not lose hope. Do not speak to prosecutors or be too quick to plead guilty. You still have rights. Rights that need protection from the skilled and experienced lawyers at Recker & Recker, PC.

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