Exploring All Your Options Following An Arrest

The prospect of jail sentences is a common concern among our clients facing DUI, drug possession and other charges. We address those concerns with the facts. Any potential jail sentence is based on the type of offense and the circumstances surrounding the case.

“Will I Go To Jail?” A Common Question That Deserves Answers.

While we cannot answer the question on a web page, we want you to know that hope and options exist. A skilled criminal defense attorney can increase your chances of reducing or avoiding harsh penalties, specifically incarceration.

Just know that jail time is not automatic following the resolution of your case through plea bargaining or a trial. Penalties can vary widely depending on the type of charge, level of offense and other factors. If you blow over a .08 on a breath test, police find marijuana in your pocket or you are caught shoplifting, it does not mean your case is hopeless. Do not assume that you should just plead guilty.

The important thing to remember is that a good criminal defense attorney can work toward avoiding jail time or reducing your sentence. Some of the tools available include:

  • Attacking the evidence itself: Was the breath test calibrated correctly? Is a witness reliable?
  • Understanding how the evidence was obtained: How were the drugs found? Did the officer have probable cause to stop your vehicle or to search you?
  • Presenting mitigating factors: Is this your first offense? Do you have a good support system in place at home? Do you volunteer in the community? Do your children rely on you as a single parent?
  • Exploring alternative sentencing options: Can you complete a DUI program? Is community service available? Is probation a viable alternative?

Locally-Based Representation For Citizens Charged With A Crime

At Recker & Recker, PC, our lawyers treat every case uniquely and each client as an individual. We tailor our legal strategies based on the specific aspects of your case. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact our law office at 580-302-5028 or submit our online intake form.



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