Protecting Your Rights From Illegal Search And Seizure

Oklahoma legislators have passed bills that call for serious consequences when it comes to personal use of drugs. This hard line has created some of the toughest drug laws in the United States, resulting in the highest incarceration numbers nationally.

Handling All Aspects Of Your Drug Crimes Case

At Recker & Recker, PC, we take on the challenges that come with serious criminal charges. Our attorneys are not only based in the western Oklahoma community, they are also natives of the area. They know the people. They know the court system. They use that insight to fight for the best outcome on behalf of their fellow residents.

Protection of your fourth amendment rights is vital. Law enforcement has a duty to ensure that police followed the letter of the law that ensures a legal search and seizure. In many cases that have come to our firm, we need to provide immediate legal protection following the violation of our clients’ rights.

Know Your Rights. Know The Consequences.

Pursuing the best outcome means that we will explore all options based on past criminal history and the severity of the charges. For example, trafficking carries more significant penalties than simple drug possession. The type of narcotic plays a role in sentencing. Heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamine, oxycodone and hydrocodone-related crimes can result in harsher punishment than charges involving marijuana.

If you are facing drug charges anywhere in Western Oklahoma, call Recker & Recker, PC, at 580-302-5028 or fill out our intake form.



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