3 FAQs about a second DUI arrest

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People know that drunk driving comes with many potential consequences, which only grow in seriousness after a second charge.

Yet, according to Responsibility.org, 9,053 people received DUI charges in Oklahoma in 2019. When facing another DUI charge, knowing what lies ahead makes a difference.

What penalties might I face?

The state considers it a second DUI offense if it happens within 10 years of the first conviction. The second time, you now face felony charges that will stay on your record. At a minimum, you will likely serve one year in jail and have to pay $2,500 in penalties. Additionally, the court may require you to get a drug and alcohol assessment and attend treatment.

How much will it cost me?

Aside from penalties, you will also have to pay for court fees, lawyer fees and potentially other fees associated with the charges themselves. All the fees associated with these charges may be upward of $10,000. The cost does not end there. If convicted of the second DUI, you will face the challenge of lost income for one to five years. Additionally, your car insurance provider will consider you a high-risk driver, which means exponentially higher rates.

Will I lose my license?

A second offense means losing your license for approximately one year. The court may decide to suspend it even longer if you have a history of failed chemical tests or other convictions. If you have a relatively clean record, you can apply for a modified license. If accepted, you will need an ignition interlock system installed, which you will pay for.

While the system has its minimum and maximum penalties, remember that not every DUI case ends the same.

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