Will a DUI conviction make college unaffordable?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | blog, Criminal Defense

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is one of the more effective ways to achieve the American dream. After all, according to the Association of Public Land-Grant Universities, those with four-year degrees tend to earn about $32,000 more per year than individuals who only have high school diplomas.

Even if you go to an affordable college or university, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars each year on tuition, fees, books and other academic expenses. While a conviction for driving under the influence is not likely to affect all your financial aid, it may cause you to lose some of it.

Government-backed financial aid

The federal government offers subsidized grants, loans and work-study funds to individuals who qualify. To determine your eligibility for financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. An ordinary DUI conviction typically does not interfere with this type of financial assistance.

Private and university scholarships

Private and university scholarship programs often mandate that recipients comply with an official code of conduct. If a DUI conviction violates this code, you may receive a financial aid suspension or termination. Nevertheless, following your DUI arrest, you may want to check with the issuer of the scholarship to determine if yours is on the line.

Tuition assistance

To recruit talented and committed workers, many companies offer tuition assistance. If you take advantage of your employer’s tuition program, you must read through its rules and regulations to determine if you stand to lose your tuition assistance due to a DUI conviction.

If you cannot afford to go to college without financial help, a DUI conviction may be disastrous to your academic budget. Ultimately, developing a smart defense strategy may keep college affordable for you.

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