How much does an Oklahoma DUI raise your auto insurance rates?

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A drinking and driving charge can impact your life in a variety of ways, and this is particularly true if your driving under the influence charge ultimately leads to a conviction. The penalties associated with drinking and driving in Oklahoma are considerable, potentially leaving you facing jail time, steep fines, license suspensions and other possible repercussions.

While the criminal penalties associated with an Oklahoma DUI are substantial, you may find you face additional financial hardships following your conviction. For example, once you have a DUI on your driving record, you become much more of a liability for insurers, so you can all but guarantee your auto insurance provider will raise your rates significantly; that is, if the insurer continues to cover you at all.

Sharp increases ahead

So, just how much of an auto insurance rate hike can you expect after a DUI conviction? While, ultimately, the amount you must pay for auto insurance varies based on factors that may include where you live, what you drive and so on, the typical Oklahoma driver pays about $1,469 each year for car insurance coverage. The typical Oklahoma motorist who has a drinking and driving conviction on his or her record, meanwhile, will pay an average of $2,112 annually for insurance, which makes for an annual difference of $643.

While paying nearly $650 more a year for auto insurance coverage can prove difficult even under the best of circumstances, you may find it even harder to come up with the extra cash when you have already had to pay fines and other expenses related to your conviction. Furthermore, you may have found it hard to hold down a job after losing your license, meaning you may not have much money saved, which can make it even more difficult to make up the difference in your auto insurance.

Ultimately, you may find it advantageous to shop around for car insurance after a DUI conviction. Every insurance company uses different methods to determine rates, so exploring your options may help you find a more manageable insurance policy.

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