Sobering facts about holiday drunk driving

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If your holiday schedule is full of parties, be careful not to drive drunk. Whether you are meeting up with old friends before Thanksgiving, visiting relatives for Christmas or going out to a club on New Year’s Eve, it may be tempting to drive after consuming alcohol. But this decision can have drastic consequences for you and others.

Not only can a drunk driving arrest dampen your mood during the holiday season, but it can come with enormous fines, the suspension of your driver’s license, a jail sentence and even harm to yourself or other people. Here are some things to consider about drinking and driving during the holidays.

Increased patrols and awareness

Due to the higher number of intoxicated drivers on the roads over the winter holiday season, law enforcement agencies often step up their patrols during this time. With the increase in the number of officers on the alert, you are more likely to draw attention to yourself if you are suffering from alcohol impairment.

Although some states have questioned the legality of DUI checkpoints, Oklahoma law states that they are legal. Officers do not have to have a reasonable suspicion to pull a driver over when they have established a legal checkpoint along the road somewhere.

If you drive while drunk during this time of year, you are in danger of drawing the attention of law enforcement and facing serious consequences.

Safe rides home are available

Remember that you can always get home without endangering yourself or others. It is always a good idea to call a friend, use a taxi or take advantage of a ridesharing service. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration even has its own app called SaferRide that connects you with taxis and friends.

If you face drunk driving charges, make sure you consider your options for fighting them.

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