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Posts tagged "Criminal defense"

What is drug court?

Across America and in Oklahoma, prisons are rapidly becoming overcrowded due to budget issues, strict penalties for first-time offenders and high rates of repeat offenders. Instead of addressing the root problems leading to criminal activity, the justice system focuses on punishment.

5 ways to prevent sabotaging your own defense

Every state has different ways of dealing with those who drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. "DUI" refers to driving under the influence while "DWI" means you were driving while impaired. These actions come with serious consequences that can greatly affect your future if they are not handled correctly.

Street drugs cause violent psychosis, damage lives of young adults

During the teen and college years, many people want to enjoy their growing sense of freedom by trying new things. These are adventurous years because you are less under the supervision of parents and able to make more and more choices on your own.